Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The last stretch...

We're so close to finishing this thing, it's not even funny. The artwork is finished, mixing is finished. Nothing but mastering and releasing to go. I'm really excited, and i can't wait for everyone to check this stuff out. Real sorry everything is taking so long. We're broke and disorganised and it makes for a lengthy release process. Also, while Drew was stage diving last week he did a flip and landed on his feet. Was dope,  but he broke his ankle. So say a little prayer and hope for a quick recovery so we can get back to punishing onstage as quickly as possible. Oh, also i chucked just a little sample of the EP on our page for you guys to check out. so please, please, please let us know what you think. For anyone who is curious the sample is taken from a song called 'banished'. Another song will be posted in it's entirety within the next few weeks, So keep an eye out. Oh, and headsup to Luke From Canberra whom we met at a show last weekend, your words meant the world to each of us. See all you guys soon. 

PS if you play guitar and are into 80's thrash and current british metalcore (architects, tortuga, shaped by fate, johnny truant, centurion) message our page IMMEDIATELY :) 

Lee xo

Listening to:

Say Anything - In Defence Of The Genre
Circa Survive - Juturna
The Cure - seventeen seconds
The Banner - Frailty


Born Standing Up: A Comics Life by Steve Martin

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Giant Bantha of Goulburn

How i love man's obsession with building giant sized versions of regular sized crap. Really makes long trips seem effortless, (that and pokemon yellow on gameboy colour). We just got back from Melbourne, which ruled by the way. But I'm still super tired. We played a club show with the dudes in No Way Out and Face Eater, who ruled monumental ass, (www.myspace.com/faceeaterhc) and then hauled ass back to Sydney for our Label's showcase at Hermann's bar. The melbourne show was alot of fun, everyone was super nice and the mood was real chill, we got heaps of compliments and partied for a while before walking the streets in search of a bed to sleep in.  
The Soviet showcase was definately one of the funnest sydney shows we've played, and it was awesome to chill with some of the bands on our label that we hadn't previously known as well. Hospital The Musical owned lives, and were super dope dudes too. Can't wait to share the stage with them again. Anyway just finishing lyrics and watching mars volta videos, but its 3:30 am and sleep depravation will inevitably lead to anxiety and the process of over-thinking absolutely everything. Devastator EP out soon. Goodnight.

Lee xo


The Watchmen - Alan Moore + Dave Gibbons
Sex, Drugs and Cocoa puffs - Chuck Klosterman

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Devastastor - Track List

we've been jamming with the new line-up and it sounds unbelievable. Not hiding behind a guitar is a weird feeling though, it's like a new pair of underwear; At first its constricting but after a while it becomes a part of you. Plus, writing lyrics is awesome. Not much to say this week however except that we went and saw The Dark knight and its absolutely incredible and the watchmen trailer has got me losing my mind. ( The watchmen is THE graphic novel from the 80's. It's kind of the moby dick of comics, go read that crap)  anyway, heres the track list for the record.

Eye of Providence
At Midnight, all the agents...
The Artist The Thief
The Second Circle 

Lee xo

Listening to:

Morrissey & The Smiths - all albums
GZA - Liquid Swords
Misfits - earth AD 
Carpathian - Isolation (never really liked this band, but i'm really impressed)
Sunny Day Real Estate - Diary
Architects - Ruin 

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Couple of Changes..

I'm sorry i haven't updated in what seems like forever, but really, a whole lot has been going on & the lack of blogs has been a result of a cocktail of stress and laziness. As most of you know, we locked our selves in Sydney's Studio 301 with our producer Soviet Record's Tim Carr and recorded what we thought were the final tracks of our Debut EP Devastator. Well, it sounds dope, we had alot of fun and we can't wait to release it. But we also have some pretty unfortunate news...

For a while now, something has been slightly a miss both on-stage and in our practise space and after spending a week together in the studio, it's become abundantly clear that what Scotty Terasenko wants and what the rest of the band want are 2 very seperate things. We each love him to death, and his vocals and lyrics are delivered with more passion than ive probably ever seen , but due to both  musical and personal differences we both have decided that it is time to part ways.  We thank Scotty for everything he's done for us, and will continue skating, chilling and sharing burritos with him. Because we honestly couldn't have acheived any of what we have without him in the fold.
As for the future of the band, I will be putting down my guitar and taking up vocal duties. while Bobby Wagner of Mine Alone and Daniel Cunningham of Parades  will be filling in on guitar until a more permanent line-up is solidified. We are really excited about this change, and feel like we're only moving forward. This too unfortunately means that the EP will undoubtably be a little delayed, as i go in and lay down my vocal tracks. 

So for the first time in life, heres your first look at Corsairs Mark II. 

Lee xo

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Next week..

It begins Bitchz. 

Lee xo

Sunday, June 1, 2008

The First Official Biannual Corsairs BBQ!

So the last few weeks have been super busy, We've been writing furiously and we're now putting the finishing touches on the final song of the EP, in which for the first time, I'll be penning the lyrics. Which is both intimidating and exciting. In the meantime, to keep from going crazy we've been playing a bunch of local shows. Some to 12 kids and some to 200. Local kids are completely unpredictable, but its all alot of fun haha. 

Anyways, at some point in the last few weeks I thought it might be a cool idea to put on a BBQ show, cause hell, we do it every other weekend on our own, so why not let everyone else in on it. Anyways, the show turned out awesome. Heaps of kids turned up and we chilled together, ate burgers with everyone and played a tight set. That's when it finally occured to me, lets make this a regular occurance. So from now on, we'll be having a free bbq show twice a year (Probably more, but i just really like the word "biannual") and we'll get together with some friends in a couple of bands, and bbq a bunch of free crap for you guys. I'm stoked about it, hopefully in a year or so the shows will be huge, and we'll have to keep buying more and more meat. 

Heres just a taste of the first BBQ:

Sorry theres not more stuff on the record, but i'll probably post a short video next week.

Listening To:
Slayer- South of Heaven
The Seduction - Betrayed (saw them last weekend, unbelievable. Support this band) 
House Vs Hurricane - Foreiture EP (see above)
Trapped Under Ice - Stay Cold 7"
Black Listed - Heavier than Heaven, Lonelier than God 
and whatever new violation i can find online.


The Tipping Point - Malcolm Gladwell
Return of The Dark Knight - Frank Miller (Graphic Novel)

Monday, May 12, 2008

Interviews and bad tattoos.

 I'm sorry its been a while, but to be honest not alot has been going on. we're finishing up writing the record, getting tattooed way too often, eating copiuous amounts of mexican food and watching mountains of dvds in my bedroom (anything by M Night Shyamalan and 80's action flicks are whats hot right now) . I'm sure that when we actually start recording , we'll have all types of fun crap to share with you. I promise. 

anyways, since not a whole lots going on, i thought ide give you a taste of an interview i did last last year for a Melbourne indie magazine called 'ink and lead' run by some rad local kids. I'm not sure when they plan on releasing this issue, or how they'll edit it. But here it is in its rawest form:

Who are you?

We’re Corsairs, My name is Lee, I’m 18 and I play guitar and do some vocals, our bass players name Is Drew and he’s 18, Michael’s 19 and plays guitar, Dean is on Drums and our singer’s name is Scotty and they’re both 19

You are a? 

 Haha, I’m not really sure, maybe a noise band? We don’t really try to fit into any particular sound or genre, we kind of just make the music we love, and write songs that kind of represent who we are. Our songs are pretty abrasive and dissonant, and on top of the noise thing, I’m pretty much in love with anything dark, so that helps. Id probably just call us a metallic punk band, cause all we’ve really done is build on the 78’ punk and eighties thrash we grew up on, but like modernized it to, I guess better represent who we are, and the culture we are a part of.

When did you guy’s form? (Were you in different bands before?)

We formed in the summer of 2006, in the ashes of a band called Fallshort, which was basically one of the first metalcore bands in Sydney and we really just took a step back from the shows we were attending and the music we were playing and were kind of not stoked, you know? We just wanted to do something real and something honest and to show kids that there’s more to heavy music then 40 minutes of breakdowns. Scotty was into what we were doing, and he eventually jumped ship from The Valley.

Where you based?

We’re based in the western suburbs of Sydney.

What would you say are your biggest influences?

Musically, our tastes are all over the place. We all listen to a lot of 80’s hardcore and thrash, and Scotty is like way into Mississippi Blues. In terms of current bands, I’m really just attracted to bands that do something remarkably different from the rest of the scene, bands like Mastodon, cult of luna, Misery Signals, The Chariot, Modern Life is War, converge etc.

In life, a lot of our influences come from a general feeling of I guess, dissatisfaction. Walking into shows, and being discontent with all the tough guy bullcrap and negativity and then walking into a church, only to be bummed on the same material crap and alterior motives that are sometimes involved. It really doesn’t leave a lot for someone who believes in something you know? But theres always hope in that belief, and I think that’s a really strong message in our songs

Which international band would you most like to play with?

That’s a really tough one. Converge are unreal, and a band like Everytime I die would just be rad to party with but... It would probably have to be like Danzig or Metallica or someone huge, that I grew up worshipping.

In one sentence, convince us to come to your next show.

Dual asian guitar assault.

Can any of you grow beards?

Scotty’s Russian, so by five o’clock the dude looks like Zangief

People would like your music if they listened to...

Thoughtful and aggressive heavy music… Bands like older Norma Jean, Botch, Advent and Architects from the UK.  

there it is.. kinda lame, but any publicity is good publicity. 

Lee xo

Listening to:

Kingdom of Sorrow 

New York Dolls - Too Much Too Soon 12" (clear red vinyl, hell yes) 

Thrice - Alchemy Index: Earth & Air

(still) Violation possessed 7" and Reign Supreme EP

Smashing Pumpkins - Mellon collie and the infinite Sadness


Kevin Smith's Daredevil: the man with out fear (graphic novel)

the tipping point by Malcom Gladwell