Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Giant Bantha of Goulburn

How i love man's obsession with building giant sized versions of regular sized crap. Really makes long trips seem effortless, (that and pokemon yellow on gameboy colour). We just got back from Melbourne, which ruled by the way. But I'm still super tired. We played a club show with the dudes in No Way Out and Face Eater, who ruled monumental ass, ( and then hauled ass back to Sydney for our Label's showcase at Hermann's bar. The melbourne show was alot of fun, everyone was super nice and the mood was real chill, we got heaps of compliments and partied for a while before walking the streets in search of a bed to sleep in.  
The Soviet showcase was definately one of the funnest sydney shows we've played, and it was awesome to chill with some of the bands on our label that we hadn't previously known as well. Hospital The Musical owned lives, and were super dope dudes too. Can't wait to share the stage with them again. Anyway just finishing lyrics and watching mars volta videos, but its 3:30 am and sleep depravation will inevitably lead to anxiety and the process of over-thinking absolutely everything. Devastator EP out soon. Goodnight.

Lee xo


The Watchmen - Alan Moore + Dave Gibbons
Sex, Drugs and Cocoa puffs - Chuck Klosterman

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