Thursday, May 1, 2008

Devastator EP: Foreplay

So we're basically starting this thing to keep everyone updated on everything thats going on, give a little of our thoughts, share some history and have some fun with it. Oh and to pimp our record. We'll probably also do some cool stuff, like throw pre-production demos up, and photos from recording sessions and whatnot. essentially, cool crap you find much where else. 

The EP is called Devastator and we're almost done writing. Its 6 Tracks long, and will be released and distributed by Soviet Records. We begin pre-production in May and will be in the studio recording the real deal with producer Tim Carr (Slowly Building Weapons, Hospital The Musical etc.)  by (hopefully) June. I'm super excited about it by the way, the songs are just plain better. I was still in high school when we wrote the demo, and we were all pretty new to the game, so its safe to say this crap will be alot more mature. I'de describe it as harder, faster and darker than the old stuff. it's different, but i'm into it. 

Also, some of you might of heard that our bass player Drew got in a car accident last week and was put into ICU with a lacerated spleen, which as funny as it sounds sucked real hard. but he's out now, and we're super stoked. Thanks for all your prayers and worries. 

In the meantime, Go to this show. 

A Secret Death is my favourite Australian band, besides like AC/DC.. and it's an absolute honor to be sharing the stage with them. Plus its a tiny venue, so lets pack it out and like, stage dive. 

Lee xo

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Metallica - Black Album
Advent - Remove The Earth
Danzig II: Lucifuge
Violation - Posessed 7"
Reign Supreme - American Violence

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